Teracom Consulting Group

Teracom is an ICT , Financial , Management and Engineering Consulting firm and an advisor on business startegy.
Teracom consists of specialized practices, each with dedicated professionals serving focused client needs. The principal practices are IT Advisory, IT audit service and assurance, System Integration , IT procurement , System Development , Web Application Development , Power Plant Consulting Services , Mechanical Engineering Consulting , Financial Advisory ,Financial Operation and Compliance Audit, Financial Investigation , Business Intelligence Solution, Finance Transformation Solutio, Training , IT Training, Corporate Training , Organisational Development Training , Management Training ,Service Delivery Training , Skill Aquisition, Project Outsourcing

At Teracom, We offer first class IT services at competitive cost in the areas of Networking (LAN & WAN), ERP Software Solutions, Information Technology Consultancy, Hardware and Infrastructure Management, Helpdesk and Support.

Teracom prides itself as one of the leaders in the Information Technology Consultancy. We offer a unique spectrum of technology, operations and business expertise, enabling global organizations to realize the full benefit of information technology throughout their enterprise.

We help business with growth vision with the enabling technologies such as the infrastructure, products and solutions, the ‘Total Solution Concept was evolved.
The carefully balanced combination of knowledge of the local needs and the innovative approach to IT and the experience in project implementation with our international partnerships enhance GDSL’s capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of key clients.

Adherence to stringent technical standards as well as the use of standard IT tools makes GDSL capable of optimally satisfying the IT needs of its clients. 

At Teracom we have well qualified and experienced staff. Our Technical team always keep on working to explore new technology and its outcomes. We always tried to make aware our clients about the upcoming technologies and their benefits.